Puerto Nuevo Style

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Down in Mexico

About an hour south of the US – Mexico border is a small town called Puerto Nuevo. It’s unassuming and if you blink you might miss it – but it’s known for a seafood style so delicious people flock from all over the globe for a taste! Flash-fried lobster and crab, seasoned to perfection and served with warm flour tortillas, drawn butter, and rice and beans.

Making the trek to Puerto Nuevo might not be in the cards for a regular Tuesday night. However, at Rockin’ Baja, the same delectable tastes and textures are waiting for you, every day of the week! Whether you’re looking for shrimp, snow crab, king crab, or a whole, succulent lobster, we’ll serve it to your table with a crab cracker and fork so you can dig in and scoop out the tender flesh, and chomp down – either on their own or wrapped in a tortilla with rice, beans, and spicy-sweet honey chili butter.

Each of our buckets features different kinds of seafood quickly fried and served steaming hot to your table with the same warm flour tortillas you’d find sitting in the beach town in Mexico! Oh, and if you’re craving a Puerto Nuevo-style view, head up to Oceanside Rockin’ Baja, which sits on the beautiful pier, just feet from the water.

We hope some day you can enjoy a Puerto Nuevo style lobster feast while vacationing in Mexico. Until then, come visit us in any of our four locations, and get a taste of Baja today!

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